Security by patented technology

olmogo offers a completely new approach to storing data in the cloud. This is enabled by the strict zero information principle (zero information principle): The Infrastructure knows neither size, type nor the contents of the stored data, since all Information is encrypted, dismembered and distributed by the client. Even a malicious insider would not have a chance to see your data - it is not even possible to spy on the number or type of stored files.

Each file receives its own symmetric key, which is then shared with other olmogo-members to allow third parties access. Access key will be encrypted by the public key of the user, so that they can be stored in the olmogo infrastructure. To ease the key management for your private keys they are stored and encrypted in a patented way so that only the owner can obtain access to the keys by using two-factor authentication. This gives you or your company 100% security, privacy and governance for your business data.

Method and system for managing user data of a user terminal

The technology of olmogo is based on a patented procedure. This patent was granted and published on 11 November 2016 under the international publication number WO 2016/139371 A1 and has the patent number DE 10 2015 103 251


The invention relates to a method for managing user data of a user terminal. The method has the following steps: generating a key pair of private key prK and public key puK; deciding the private key into at least two sub-data sets, the at least two sub-data sets being generated in a recombinable manner using a bijective operation,; encrypting user data D and storing D* in an external storage device which can be accessed via a network; and recalling and decrypting user data D* stored in encrypted manner from the external storage device, wherein the recall and decryption process includes the reproduction of the private key prK by recombining the two sub-data sets using the inverse of the bijective operation used for the deciding process.

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