The brain as a model

We do not think linearly but in pictures or, more accurately, in patterns that our brain can store and process easily, quickly and sustainably. For this reason, traditional file systems do not reflect our thinking and work: Remembering a complex path is difficult, a pattern - a network - however, which puts information in context is easy to remember.

For this reason, mogos can be stored in associations in networks and contexts - technically speaking in a graph structure.

n concrete terms, this means that mogos can be arbitrarily linked to one another to resemble complex data structures including communication.

Furthermore, olmogo makes no artificial separation between files, emails, chats - everything is information, all are mogos. This simplifies the view and the handling of information considerably.

Thinking lateral: what is the bottom line of data management?

What is and what are we doing with data or information?

- generating: the creation of a presentation, the writing of a document, writing an e-mail.
- storing: The (safe) storage in a storage medium.
- sharing: sharing the presentation with the team, sharing the document, sending the e-mail.
- archiving: Ultimately, data or information can be archived.

olmogo has rethought the handling of data and information. Each mogo represents a data record or an information element. mogos can all be treated the same way, so stored and shared with third parties. mogos are not sent physically, reading or writing rights to your mogos are granted. Because mogos are immutable in themselves they are the single source of truth and enable document-accurate archiving.

Changes to a mogo require a new mogo. The version history can be retrieved and viewed at any time.

This architecture greatly simplifies the handling of data as it empowers you to treat any information (file or message) the same way: no change of programs, no tedious writing mails with (too big) attachments, no sending, no duplication of information gives you absolute data ownership and streamlined administration.

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