Your IoT data needs a solid, sustainable fundament for security and legal conformity

The Internet of Things surrounds us everywhere. According to a study by Gartner there will be three times more IoT sensors than people in the world by 2020. An unimaginable flood of data that has to be managed and protected. olmogo is designed to manage mass data and can encrypt and save them based on time, records or rules.

Through the intelligent olmogo agents - technical users within olmogo - they can monitor data streams, analyze them in real-time without giving access to these data to third parties. One of the many inventions of olmogo that the make data management safer and easier.

The Internet of Things presents us with a series of challenges. See in the following table as olmogo solutions are ready for it:

olmogo solution

Most IoT data are personal data and subject to the GDPR

  • Data within olmogo are strictly data subject related and thus in the sense of the GDPR optimally to manage
  • See olmogo solution for GDPR for details on the GDPR conformity of olmogo

Mass data management
IoT devices produce gigantic amounts of data that need to be controlled, secured and managed.

  • Realtime Analytics: to avoid unwanted access to any third party olmogo provides the agent Concept. Technical users are entitled to data analytics and, if necessary, can take actions.
  • Encryption: To ensure security and GDPR compliance the data must be encrypted at the origin. This may not be applied on every record basis. Therefore olmogo can encrypt data streams rule based and thus protect them.
  • Data sharing: IoT data should be shared with third parties as needed. These shares must be controllable, reversible or be limited in time.
  • Data changes: IoT data must be under certain prerequisites be immutable.
  • Archiving the data: Data should be archived if necessary.

Customer trust
For acceptance of IoT services customer trust is key.

  • olmogo stores data strictly owner related . This means the customer (usually the producer and owner of the data) receives the complete sovereignty over this data. This control creates consumer trust.
  • Nevertheless, the business models of the provider is not impaired.

IoT data require a high administrative effort for the providers.

  • Expenses due to GDPR regulations are almost zero due to the ownership orientation of the data
  • Expense through analytics and statistics can be automated with olmogo agents
  • Rights and access management is implicit through the architecture


Offer your IoT data a safe harbour - as an olmogo partner or direct in your corporation.


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