Law compliance and customer trust: two reasons why your data should be stored in gdpr compliant

There is no more compromising in protection of personal data after the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation - DSGVO. To date, the new legislation is mainly covered by the terms and conditions and terms of use - a tactic, which is legally questionable and too short jumped.

On the other hand it is urgently needed to rebuild the lost customer trust. This is only possible with transparent honest solutions that actually give the data subject the legally granted rights.

Solve the gdpr challenge with olmogo

The gdpr, which came into force in May 2018, changes the handling and processing of personal data fundamentally. The gdpr is a comprehensive series of Privacy Policies for the protection of personal data of individuals in the EU. Most companies see this law due to strict rules and significant fines as a threat.

Most gdpr solutions try to fulfill these obligations with a kind of patchwork. olmogo is thinking a step further and offers a future-proof concept for the professional handling of personal data for your business and for your customers. Consumer trust is the key to a sustainable customer relationship. Therefore it is important to (re-)establish that trust with a solution that works from the ground up for the customer as well as for the company, in compliance with the law provisions to serve in fairness and not least with a profitable business model.

The processing Personal data is a costly obligation and involves many risks.

Carsten Caspers
Managing Vice President of Gartner

We believe that the GDPR should not be seen as a threat, but as an opportunity for business, to redefine data management of personal data and the relationship with your customers.

olmogo is the first solution on the market that meets these criteria.

The new legislation is a fundamental change to the protection of personal data. The data subject receives significantly more rights, such as:

  • the right to obtain information about the data being processed
  • access to these data in certain circumstances
  • the correction of these data if they are wrong
  • the right to restrict certain data processing
  • the right to receive data in a structured and frequently used format
  • the right to data portability

In olmogo, the data ownership is completely assigned to the data subject without making companies lose control of this data. Therefore, all rights of the data subject and compliance with the legislation are completely fulfilled.

Situation today

In most cases, GDPR compliance was achieved through pop-up menus or changes to the terms of contract. A short-sighted action, if at all suitable to comply with the law. In any case, due to the introduction and the discussion about GDPR consumer awareness is raising and doubts about a fair and transparent handling of customer data are coming up.

First consumers are already canceling contracts and rethinking free offers of Apps. It's time to rethink the way personal information is handled. Terms like privacy by design and privacy by default require action and mature concepts.

The olmogo approach

It is precisely from these basic ideas that olmogo emerges: fair data control for data owners as well as access and analytics by the company, with DSGVO conformity. A patented process guarantees these two strategic pillars and allows one consistent data management concept. The comfort for the customer remains unchanged, and the administration effort for the company is
even reduced with olmogo.

Use case automotive industry

Sensors allow due to the recording of countless data while driving product- and parts-analysis, connected cars and autonomous driving. The protection of personal however, data is closely related to customer trust and the acceptance of future products. The awareness of customers is rising and the DSGVO of the European Union creates legal and operational challenges.

With olmogo the industry is offered an operating standard to meet all requirements in this scenario.

  • The customer retains full control over his data: The protection of privacy is implicit
  • The manufacturer still has unrestricted access to the data
  • If necessary, data can be stored invariably by the user
  • olmogo agents can be deployed to check critical data (parts wear, security problems
    etc.) and report them immediately
  • Access permissions can be given and revoked at any time, if the customer so wishes
  • Administration and costs for corporate IT are reduced

Solve GDPR requirements with true data ownership.

Your clients will appreciate it!

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