Simplify your data management with a new and disruptive information architecture

When it comes to security of your data, you should only trust yourself, because hackers, data leaks and malicious insiders will always be present. You alone decide who and when is allowed to access your data. Full control without compromising comfort -this it what olmogo stands for.

olmogo pursues an innovative approach: information - in so-called mogos - are stored absolutely safe on a server of your choice.

To share information within or outside your company, you will not send information, nor give access to a dedicated directory path that contains the information. In olmogo you give any user inside or outside the olmogo universe access to this mogo. The information itself remains under your permanent and sure sovereignty on your server. You may revoke this privilege at any time without affecting the privileges of others.

Problems with classical data management compared to the olmogo solution

olmogo solution

ENISA defined risks for cloud computing

More and more company data are in the cloud and therefore are affected these risks.


Uncontrollable spread of data throughout the corporate network

  • olmogo offers a single source for the data (truth) "Single source of truth

Control of access rights generate high administrative effort and costs

  • olmogo offers an in information architecture rooted Data ownership
  • Ownership, access and use of data are implicitly regulated
  • Administration and costs are significantly reduced

Exponentially rising memory requirements
Data is repeatedly duplicated on local hard drives or in dedicated directories of the company.

  • All data is stored in a central location in olmogo saved
  • new versions of data have a clear relation to their origin and can be easily in their history comprehend
  • Storage requirements are significantly reduced

Insecure e-mail system
The e-mail system is at least in the communication with external parties insecure

  • olmogo offers extensive messaging and communication features replacing the 40-year-old e-mail system
  • see also Solutions: Communication


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