Your messaging and e-mails deserve maximum security and ease of administration

Most information is sent via e-mail to many recipients today. It the e-mail passes through - at least in external communication - many insecure servers. The recipients store the information due to full inboxes on local hard drives or in dedicated directories of enterprise servers. Thus, information within the IT Infrastructure of your company is repeatedly duplicated.

olmogo has rethought the handling of information and has developed the mogo make daily management of your data significantly easier and to streamline complex IT structures significantly.

mogos are not reproduced or sent - instead you give or withhold view and/or editing rights with one click. Simply ingeniously simple.

Information and communication belong together. That's why olmogo does not makes a difference between documents, chats or emails - all are mogos. You can always treat mogos the same way, save and share with a third party.

Because that's actually all you do with information: it's created, saved and shared with third parties if needed. A separation into different categories of information like documents, chats, e-mail is artificial and cumbersome, especially for the management of this information different types of programs are used.

olmogo solution

Insecure infrastructure
Emails are mostly sent via insecure infrastructure and servers

  • With olmogo data is not sent but only visual or given access rights
  • the infrastructure only "sees" to zero information encrypted dates

Uncontrollable spread of data at all internal and external recipients

  • olmogo offers a single source for the data (truth) "Single source of truth"

Artificial separation
The difference between chats, emails and data makes handling complicated

  • olmogo always works with the information element „mogo", therefore all data can be treated the same way
  • this information architecture causes a considerable simplification of data management

Cumbersome usability
Attachments and email threads are difficult to organize

  • File attachments are also mogos, like the message itself and linked as "children" to the message
  • recipients can be freely in- and excluded within a communication
  • Versions of file attachments are children of the original version and can be easily followed up


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