Smart solutions for corporations

Companies need smart solutions, offering flexibility, onehundred percent security and future proof work concepts and integrate seamlessly into your existing IT.

Highly secure Cloud

The cloud offers attractive advantages to local server structures. However conventional cloud solutions are vulnerable for cyber attacks and your data can be read by thrid parties.

olmogo has found a way to offer businesses 100% privacy, data ownership and absolute security for your stored data - to ensure no third party, not even the service provider, has access to these data.

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Internet of Things

Nowadays we are surrounded by the internet of things. Smartphones, TVs cars, appliances and computers are just a fraction of devices producing, storing and analysing data. olmogo is designed to handle mass data and offers you the tools to handle them optimally.

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Corporate Data

Confidential information is best stored in olmogo, since your data ownership is kept whatever happens. With one easy swipe you may give access to selected third parties and revoke it with the same action.

Best practise datamanagement can be so easy.

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olmogo is the future digital workplace. Cutting edge message base communication is fully integrated, to stay in touch with your team members quick and easy. 

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Customer trust is key for a long lasting customer relationship. While most implementations of DSGVO / GDPR are a kind of patchwork, olmogo is built from ground up to store data owner related and absolutely safe.

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