The future of data management

The olmogo workspace is the next step in the future of data processing. We have asked us what the future of information and its visualization looks like. Here we took our brain as a model and left traditional file systems and hierarchies. We have formed networks - and store and visualize data as you think: associative, linked in contexts.

The result is the olmogo workspace: for information and communication management that has no limits.


In addition to the procedures already mentioned at S3 (zero information, no trust and scrambling) the workspace is characterized b:

mogo graph procedure

Your data can be stored not only linear hierarchically but in any links (Network structure) with each other. Both files and messages are mogos, which makes handling and linking to an associative structure possible - a structure as we think.

mogo communication procedure

E-mails and chats and their programs become superfluous. You can do all kinds messaging - write messages and share with recipients - in the olmogo workspace. Messages are not sent in the conventional sense to preserve your data ownership.

Information rendering procedure

The workspace offers a variety of display options for stored information. Open APIs allow you or third parties to add desired renderers.


Overview of olmogo workspace

One application

... for all your tasks: file management, versioning and communication as a substitute for e-mail and chat are all combined in a compact and simple user interface. Just remain in the olmogo workspace for all these tasks.



Communication new, simple and secure

Give your 50 year old e-mail system a retirement and just use mogos to securely share your messages with others.

Views without limits

Imagine your data and its relationships with different workspace views. Specific requirements are implemented easily and quickly with the open olmogo API.

The action bar

The olmogo workspace is so easy that all the necessary actions could be summarized in one action bar. There is no simpler and more intuitive way.

The sidebars

Share data and messages (mogos) with others, link and organize. The sidebars allow you to do it all with a simple and intuitive click and drag.

No workspace yet

Of course there are still people who do not have the olmogo workspace. No problem, you will inform them by mail about shared files or messages, so new mogos. Of course, absolutely for sure.

Discover the future today.

Set your data management and communication to a new standard.

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Welcome to the safe side.


olmogo @ Digital X in Cologne