Share files securely without loss of control

With olmogo S3, storing and sharing your data in the cloud is 100% secure. After two minutes of
installation and sign up, you continue work as usual and use olmogo to store your data securely in
the cloud and, if wished, shared with third parties.

Download S3

olmogo S3 ist available for: Windows, macOS, Linux


Zero information procedure

Your data is already encrypted on your device for zero information. Even the keys are once again encrypted and stored in the patented way. Data about the owner, data storage locations and the data itself are on three completely independent server systems and can be merged only through the owner.

No trust procedure

You just have to trust yourself - no administrator, superuser or provider and of course not olmogo. Even in the case of a lost password and user device you may recover your data via the patented olmogo procedure.

Scrambling procedure

Not enough that the data is already encrypted to zero information. But alone from the size of the data one could draw conclusions - this should not be. For this reason, olmogo transforms your data into tiny fragments and saves them in different places. This can not be beat.

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olmogo S3 is the simple and quick entry to the secure world of olmogo. Click on Download S3 and start after a short registration.

You can also contact our sales team when you want to know more about olmogo workspace and M3.

Welcome to the safe side!

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