Optimize your development cost with our highly secure backend

You are looking for highly secure data management for a specific application: an app, a corporate solution, a service for your customer then olmogo M3 is the best backend for you. Highly secure, fast to implement, easy to host and maintain.

In years of research and development a powerful yet consistent a simple backend was created, which we reveal for you as a partner of olmogo. After qualification as Build or Run Partner (see also there) you will receive a complete development environment to create your own application:

you may focus on frontend implementation, the olmogo backend provides data storage, security and communication.As both olmogo S3 and the olmogo workspace are also based on M3, olmogo M3 of course keeps all procedures (zero information, no trust and scrambling, mogo graph, mogo communication, information rendering) of these applications ready for you.

As middleware, olmogo M3 additionally distinguishes:


The M3 Client Library is for partners open source: utilities for maximum convenience, high level manager for quick implementation of procedures and low level managers for secure communication supports your development.


olmogo M3 is based on a highly scalable Skala backend in reactive Akka structure for maximum performance, load balancing and resilience.


The olmogo agent concept describes technical users who once authorized may any perform any task on your data. You achieve unlimited connectivity to third-party systems and extensive Analytics capabilities.

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