Intuitiv bedienbar

Chatten Sie mit Kollegen und halten sie Videocalls ab.

100% verschlüsselt

Speichern Sie Daten in der Cloud und greifen Sie im Team darauf zu.

100% rechtskonform

Geben Sie Kunden einfach Zugriff auf sensible Daten.

Redefine your communication

"End-to-end encrypted" is no longer a USP. We at olmogo have rethought how we deal with data. The result for YOU: more security, more usability, more features.


Stay in control

Data protection does not allow compromises or trust in third parties. olmogo works exclusively with 'zero information', i.e. nobody has access to your content. Complex technology - easy to use. Get started today!

  • Your cockpit for secure communication: chat, files and video streams,

  • directly integrated into your work processes and your operating system.

  • Print from Office or other applications directly to S3,

  • optionally add your digital signature and

  • share this data with one or more third parties;

  • or spontaneously start a video conference.

Working safely has never been so easy.


Easy access without special software

The recipient can receive your data in olmogo S3, by email or in a browser on any device.

  • The receiver does not have to install anything to receive data

  • doen't have to worry about spam and malware and

  • do not worry about the security of the data on his end device, since everything is centrally located in the olmogo cloud.

  • The mogoBox - an invention by olmogo - even allows the recipient to send data.

That is communication today: simple - secure - media-free. And of course GDPR compliant.


Mit olmogo S3 können unsere Mitarbeiter
endlich sicher mit Leistungserbringern und Behörden kommunizieren.

Jens Berensmann
Leitung Informatik - Stiftung Wagerenhof

In safe company

We are proud of our technology and our network. See for yourself.


What makes olmogo special?

olmogo is cloud storage and messenger in one: we do not send data but give access - think ahead and redefine communication:

Stay in control

All data is encrypted to zero information and remains in one place. Don't be afraid of ransomware or data loss.

Building up trust

Show your customers that you take data protection and privacy seriously. Fax and email or file attachments are not for confidential data.

Work without media disruption

Media breaks with different programs or printing and scanning cost valuable time. With olmogo S3 you work more efficiently than ever before.

Sign digitally

The digital signature is becoming more and more important. If necessary, sign your documents without additional effort.

GDPR compliant

Fulfill the General Data Protection Regulation with olmogo S3. Do not accept compromises - for your own safety and that of your customers.


Further USPs and information are available in our detailed white paper. Please call on us.

Frequently asked questions

No - neither a fax nor an e-mail is secure or GDPR compliant. With regard to data protection in particular, more and more samples have recently been taken or the current provisions enforced. In the worst case, this means substantial fines for violations of data protection regulations.

It is correct that other providers either encrypt end-to-end or the data on the server is encrypted. However, neither can be compared in any way with the strictly owner-related content encryption from olmogo. You can find more information on the corporate website of olmogo.

With olmogo you can work completely media-free from your everyday program to the click on "Share". Print e.g. directly from Word and the file automatically lands in olmogo - securely stored in your cloud and ready to be shared with your recipient.

The mogoBox is a personal permanent mailbox of the recipient for chats or files. It can be opened and managed in any browser and on any device. The recipient does not have to install anything and can still receive and send data safely. The mogoBox is free of charge.

Ja. Mit der mogoBox kann Ihr Kunden auch Ihnen Daten sicher zukommen lassen. Dazu muss er lediglich die Datei in seine im Browserfenster geöffnete mogoBox ziehen und auf “hochladen” klicken.

Nein. olmogo verschlüsselt alle Daten so, dass wir als Anbieter zu keinem Zeitpunkt Zugang zu den Daten von Ihnen oder Ihren Kunden haben. Daher ist es auch nicht notwendig, eine Auftragsverarbeitung (AVV) nach Art. 28 DSGVO abzuschließen, die früher Auftragsdatenverarbeitung (ADV) genannt wurde.

Um ganz sicher zu gehen schließen sie aber bei der Installation einen AVV mit olmogo.

No. Unencrypted data never leaves the place where it was created. olmogo has no technical possibility to decrypt and read your data. In addition, olmogo is an open source process and can therefore be checked at any time.

olmogo wird in hochsicheren Rechenzentren der Open Telekom Cloud in Deutschland betrieben.

The Founders

Dr. Aly Sabri


Aly studied medicine at Oxford and Harvard and founded his first medical software company, built it to market leader, and sold his stake in GE Medical. He sees data ownership as a key enabler of digitization. This is why olmogo.

Mathias Wasserthal


Mathias is a graduate computer scientist and an early adopter of new technologies. He has held leading positions in large software companies. Fascinated by the idea of ​​developing a European solution for data ownership, he is at olmogo and leads the software development.

Heiner Hempel


Heiner has a degree in computer science and started his first business at 18. He firmly believes that security and control are essential factors in digitization. This is the motivation to create perfect programs for our users. Heiner heads product development.

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