Intuitive to use

Chat with coworkers and hold video calls.

100% encrypted

Store data in the cloud and access it as a team.

100% legally compliant

Easily give customers access to sensitive data.

Work efficiently without worrying about data protection

As a professional secretary, you have to meet extremely high requirements for data security. With olmogo S3 you protect yourself from warnings and data protection checks - and at the same time revolutionize your communication.


Give customers maximum security

Unencrypted e-mails, faxes or data stored with a conventional cloud provider can be viewed by third parties. Anyone who uses these services with customer data is therefore violating the GDPR and may commit a criminal offense under Section 203 StGB. olmogo S3 encrypts data in such a way that it is technically impossible for us as the operator to see it. So you don't have to trust anyone when it comes to customer data - not even us.

  • With olmogo's end-to-end encryption, third parties cannot see your customer data.

  • All data is encrypted and stored in Telekom's highly secure data centers in Germany.

  • Even a hypothetical break into the server would not compromise your customers' data.


Work effectively in a team

Secure communication is usually cumbersome. When encoding emails, keys must be created and exchanged. But that is overwhelming for many customers. Mail requires printing and rescanning of documents and is slow and expensive. olmogo S3, on the other hand, is your intuitive cockpit for secure communication with chat, cloud storage and video streams - and can be installed with just a few clicks.

  • Chat securely with colleagues on your team.

  • Share encrypted data with customers or authorities with a click - your recipients do not have to install anything.

  • Start a video conference on the fly via a highly secure connection.

  • Print directly into olmogo S3 from Office or other applications.

  • Optionally, add a digital signature.

With olmogo S3 our employees can finally communicate securely with service providers and authorities.

Jens Berensmann
Leitung Informatik - Stiftung Wagerenhof

In safe company

We are proud of our technology and our network. See for yourself.

What makes olmogo special?

olmogo is cloud storage and messenger in one: we don't send data but give access - think ahead and redefine communication:

Stay in control

All data is encrypted to zero information and remains in one place. Don't be afraid of ransomware or data loss.

Building up trust

Show your customers that you take data protection and privacy seriously. Fax and email or file attachments are not for confidential data.

Work without media disruption

Media breaks with different programs or printing and scanning cost valuable time. With olmogo S3 you work more efficiently than ever before.

Sign digitally

The digital signature is becoming more and more important. If necessary, sign your documents without additional effort.

GDPR compliant

Fulfill the General Data Protection Regulation with olmogo S3. Do not accept compromises - for your own safety and that of your customers.


Further USPs and information are available in our detailed white paper. Please call on us.

Common questions

No. In the case of a fax as well as an e-mail, the transmitted data can be read by service providers for data transmission, such as the operators of servers. An email is therefore as insecure as a postcard. Anyone who uses these services with customer data is violating the GDPR. Lately, there has been an increasing number of spot checks to enforce current regulations. In the worst case scenario, this can mean substantial fines. Holders of professional secrets may even commit an offense under Section 203 of the Criminal Code.

It is correct that other providers either encrypt end-to-end or the data on the server is encrypted. However, neither can in any way be compared with olmogo's strictly proprietary content encryption. Further information can be found on the olmogo corporate page.

With olmogo you can work completely media discontinuity from your everyday program until you click on "Share". For example, print directly from Word and the file will automatically end up in olmogo - securely stored in your cloud and ready to be shared with your recipient.

Your customer receives the mogoBox - a personal mailbox for chats and files that they can access with a password. He can open and manage them in any browser and on any device. The recipient does not have to install anything and can still receive and send data securely. You can also simply send data such as tax returns or medical reports via conventional e-mail as a link.

Yes. With the mogoBox, your customer can also send you data securely. All he has to do is drag the file into his mogoBox, which is open in the browser window, and click “Upload”.

No. olmogo encrypts all data in such a way that we as the provider never have access to the data of you or your customers. It is therefore not necessary to complete an order processing (AVV) according to Art. 28 GDPR, which was previously called order data processing (ADV).

To be on the safe side, connect an AVV with olmogo during installation.

No. Unencrypted data never leaves the place of origin. olmogo has no technical means to decrypt and read your data. In addition, olmogo is an open source process and can therefore be checked at any time.


olmogo is operated in highly secure data centers of the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany.

The Founders

Dr. Aly Sabri


Aly studied medicine at Oxford and Harvard and founded his first medical software company, built it to market leader, and sold his stake in GE Medical. He sees data ownership as a key enabler of digitization. This is why olmogo.

Mathias Wasserthal


Mathias is a graduate computer scientist and an early adopter of new technologies. He has held leading positions in large software companies. Fascinated by the idea of ​​developing a European solution for data ownership, he is at olmogo and leads the software development.

Heiner Hempel


Heiner has a degree in computer science and started his first business at 18. He firmly believes that security and control are essential factors in digitization. This is the motivation to create perfect programs for our users. Heiner heads product development.

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