The vision that drives us:

The digital revolution has changed our lives, but the measures to protect our privacy and security are inadequate and rather outdated.

In order to actually protect companies and users, completely new processes and technologies are required.

olmogo found the solution.

Our Philosophy

Privacy and data sovereignty are critical success factors for digital services today and in the future. For this reason, these characteristics are the heart and the foundation on which olmogo was developed.

olmogo is supposed to be more than just a new privacy platform - it's a paradigm shift: a new way to store, share and communicate data.

olmogo lays the foundation for a disruptive management for data of the digital life of every person, company or organization.

The founders

Dr. Aly Sabri

Dr. Aly Sabri studied medicine at Oxford and Harvard. He founded his first Software company as a student, becoming pioneer and market leader in medical software. The shares of his company Dr. Sabri sold to General Electric. His research interests are software algorithms and neurobiology.

Dr. Ralf Schulz

studied medical informatics in Heidelberg and Harvard. He is inventor of various patents, holds various awards and fellowships and is Studienstiftler des deutschen Volkes. His focus is the cryptographic security of distributed systems and the therein stored data.

Markus Dormann

is lawyer and notary based in Baar, Switzerland. He has extensive experience in the area of legal position on data security and data ownership in companies. International Corporations rely on his expertise and advice

Company data

olmogo AG is a stock corporation based in Baar, Switzerland. She has been founded on August 3rd 2017 by Dr. Aly Sabri, Dr. Ralf Schulz and Markus Dormann with a share capital of CHF 100,000, - and registered on August, 9th 2017 in the commercial register of the canton of Zug under the number CH

On October 8, 2018, the share capital was increased to CHF 250,000.



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