about our philosophy

Today and in the future privacy and governance of data are critical to the success of digital services. That’s why these key features are the center and fundament on which olmogo is built on.
olmogo is designed to be more than just another privacy platform – it’s a paradigm shift: A new way to store, share and communicate information. This vision is made possible by the concept of mogos – the smallest piece of information in olmogo, that can be everything from a small text message to a large document, a location data or any other piece of information created by an IoT device. mogos are independent of size, content or origin.
Based on the patented procedure Dr. Aly Sabri and Dr. Ralf Schulz gathered a dedicated team of outstanding software engineers and UI specialists to realize the front- and backend of olmogo and to lay ground for a disruptive and easy data management solution for all the data in the digital life of every person, company and organization.

dedicated to open source

You can’t promise security without being transparent about how you maintain it. That’s why olmogo is dedicated to open source. Being an open framework is part of the credo giving specialists around the world the chance to test or enhance olmogo. We make our code open to public to let everyone create, explore and add their own ideas to the heart of olmogo.

the founders

Tech entrepreneur Aly Sabri (CEO) studied medicine in Oxford and Harvard and sold his first software company, which he founded still being a student, to General Electric. Ralf Schulz (CTO) also a Harvard affiliate is holding a master in medical informatics and a PhD in physics and has 15+ years of experience in software development. Both are perfectionists and consider themselves very fortunate to lead the best team they can imagine to make olmogo happen.

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