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Unique security through patented technology

olmogo is not only a new platform for encryption and data security - olmogo is a Paradigm Shift: A groundbreaking new way to store, share and communicate with others.

See which solutions olmogo offers:

Highly secure cloud

Your data deserve more than just client-side encryption.

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Management of corporate data

When it comes to data security, you should only trust yourself.

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No more insecure and complicated e-mails.

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GDPR Data Management

Personal data do not allow compromises.

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IoT data

All the challenges of the Internet of Things just under control.

Securely connect IoT devices

olmogo sets the standard

Learn how and why olmogo sets the standard for data security and privacy.


A product for every requirement

olmogo offers the optimum product for every requirement for data security. Many years research and development work guarantee you the best solution:


olmogo S3

Save your data easily and securely in the olmogo cloud. Share documents with third parties without leaving your usual operating system.

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olmogo Workspace

Rethinking Data: Saving your data, sharing with third parties plus mail and chat in a surface.

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olmogo M3

Create your own applications on the powerful backend of olmogo - security guaranteed.

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Start Now

olmogo S3 is the simple and quick entry to the secure world of olmogo. Click on Download S3 and start after a short registration.

Or contact our sales team if you have questions about olmogo workspace or M3.

Welcome to the safe side!


olmogo sets the standard

olmogo sets the new standard for secure communication and data storage by using innovative and patented technology

Patented techniques

  • zero information: encryption of data, metadata and keys on the end user device
  • scrambling: splitting and distributing of data
  • A-I-S: storage of the data in three completely separate server systems
  • data ownership: access control based on hybrid encryption
  • mogos: mapping of complex data structures / databases as graph


  • new: no additional hardware installation
  • simple: maximum ease of operation
  • secure: consistent owner-related data model
  • no trust: it does not have to be an administrator or provider be trusted
  • no key loss: even a lost key or password renders no data loss

Turn-key solutions

  • olmogo S3 or olmogo workspace are turn-key products and enable immediate work
  • integrated solution in the respective operating system for storing and communicating
  • Hosting in high-security data centers in Germany

Custom Solutions

  • olmogo M3 offers fast custom developments through powerful client libraries
  • highly scalable Scala backend in reactive Akka structure for maximum performance, load balancing and resilience
  • Hosting and server locations are free to define

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The values we are commited to

olmogo is committed to give a new platform for the needs of security and privacy.

Our principle is: data belongs only to the owner. For all others - also for us - access is absolutely impossible.

olmogo is open source so that security is not just a promise. Because olmogo is not based on trust, but on the control of the user.

These are the values of olmogo.

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