Sensitive data? Just trust yourself!

The best data protection is when you just have to trust yourself.

Do you want to communicate confidentially and GDPR compliant? Is your data in the cloud sensitive? Do you share data in complex business networks?

olmogo offers the right solution.


The olmogo Cloud Messenger S3 redefines how you store data in the cloud and communicate with third parties. Whether a short chat, email or GB of data.

As an IT department, you use the olmogo M3 API and only care about your customers. We take care of the data ownership.

frontend / Client

olmogo S3

olmogo S3 stands for secure storage and sharing, i.e. communication with third parties. No matter whether a short message or a file is to be sent. S3 is secure cloud storage and messenger at the same time. Not only end-to-end but directly on your client strictly owner-related encrypted, data always remains under full control. The usability is as simple as with usual messengers.

  • Secure storage of any data in the cloud

  • Communicate and share with one click

  • Always in full control Everything at a glance in the timeline

  • Installed and ready to go in just a few clicks

  • NEW: with integrated video conference


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Backend / Plattform

olmogo M3

The middle ware for data ownership: olmogo M3 consists of the backend and an API that allows third-party applications to use the olmogo storage and sharing technology without the developer having to worry about complex issues such as data storage, sharing and key management. The application programmer can concentrate solely on the business logic and the core of the application.

  • Modern architecture

  • Easy integration through prefabricated libraries

  • Maximum performance, load distribution and resilience

  • Public, private or hybrid hosting

  • Easy connectivity to third-party systems

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Best in Class Approach

Strictly owner-related cryptographic access control guarantees you data sovereignty and security at all times - no compromises when it comes to your data.

Encrypt and scramble the data

olmogo not only encrypts data at the point of origin but also metadata and keys. That means no readable information leaves your device (= zero information). For further security, data is broken up into small fragments.

No Trust Design

With olmogo you don't have to trust an administrator, a provider or olmogo itself. olmogo is not based on trust but on control by the user. So that security is not just a promise, olmogo is open source.

Separated Server Systems

For even more security, user data, storage locations and information data are stored on three completely independent server systems. Only the owner in the middle can bring the data back together.

Simple and easy

Thanks to its intelligent architecture, olmogo can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. Open, transparent interfaces allow the use of the olmogo storage and sharing technology. The developer only cares about the business logic.


Innovative key management allows data to be handled conveniently as usual. Usability and performance are retained, olmogo takes care of the complex rest in the backend. Keys remain under your control even with (multi-) cloud and business networks.

Frequently asked questions


In any case. Data and knowledge have always been important - whether for a company or a private individual. Digitization, however, makes data increasingly difficult to control. Data ownership helps them do this.


No, at olmogo, as end users, they do not come into contact with the complex cryptographic processes. You never have to worry about encryption, key management and the like.


No. Unencrypted data never leaves the place where it was created. olmogo has no technical possibility to decrypt and read your data. In addition, olmogo is an open source process and can therefore be checked at any time.


Yes. olmogo releases its technology with the M3 library for use by developers. So you can connect existing external applications to olmogo at any time.

olmogo is prepared for the future. New encryption technologies can be used. Even previously encrypted data records can be updated to the new technology.

Use cases

Application scenarios

S3 - Communication
Patient and client data are in good hands in olmogo.

Medical offices, medical networks and clinics use olmogo for communication with each other and with authorities. Protecting and managing patient-related data is complex. olmogo treats data strictly owner-related, so the patient is always the focus. olmogo can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure such as the practice system or the clinic system so there is no UI break.

Olmogo is also very popular with lawyers, notaries and tax advisors in order to be able to communicate securely with clients. The popular email or fax is no longer compliant with data protection. olmogo offers professional groups with trust status a simple and secure alternative for their communication.

M3 - IoT
Automotive industry and IoT

Connected driving delivers huge amounts of data. These must be stored and managed in compliance with the GDPR. olmogo can store data under the sovereignty of one or more identities. For example, the car manufacturer can save and manage the data for the customer, get access to the necessary data records and at the same time comply with the rights of the 'data subject'. Since the mogo is unchangeable per se, it represents the single source of truth of the respective data set. This ensures that data remains unchangeable when needed. Technical users - so-called olmogo agents - can be authorized to analyze data in real time and take actions if necessary.

olmogo also manages data in complex access and legal relationships without great administrative effort, for example in data lakes, business networks or even in interaction with the owner from the perspective of the GDPR.

M3 - Corporate Data
Protect company data as best as possible

The management, protection and secure communication of confidential or data relevant to data protection is a challenge. Both SMEs and large corporations are required to protect (data) assets and to act GDPR-compliant by ensuring their data sovereignty 100%. olmogo M3 offers you a middleware that you can easily integrate into your existing IT infrastructure such as SAP, Office, etc. Your data is provided with an owner-related cryptographic access control. This means that the data is only accessible to authorized identities, is stored in compliance with the GDPR and can be made available to third parties safely and easily (by parts) if required. There are several ways to share data: simply by clicking on one or more other olmogo users, using the mogo box for not yet olmogo users or by email via your usual email client.

With olmogo you can store your company data on premise or entrust it to a cloud without hesitation.

M3 - hochsichere Cloud
Use of hyperscalers without loss of data sovereignty

When using cloud services, you have to trust the provider. All risks defined by ENISA occur. Not so with olmogo: use the innovative encryption from olmogo to maintain your data sovereignty. Especially with multi cloud solutions, olmogo is a one stop shop solution. No matter how many clouds you connect, the effort remains the same, olmogo manages your keys at the location of your choice and you are in control.

M3 - Blockchain
olmogo offers the solution for many blockchain disadvantages, especially in the area of ​​smart contracts

Blockchain applications use olmogo technology as off-chain storage to manage storage and access to documents. By saving multiple redundant data storage within the blockchain, the performance, storage space and costs are optimized. Within the olmogo architecture it is still possible to comply with the request for changes and deletions within the meaning of the GDPR.

olmogo is the ideal addition to blockchain applications to avoid the inherent disadvantages of pure blockchain applications.

News & Updates

1. Mai 2020
olmogo S3 mit Videoconference

As of today, secure communication with olmogo doesn't stop at messages and files. With the newly implemented video call directly from S3, you can also hold a video conference securely and in accordance with GDPR.

17. Februar 2020
New olmogo S3 Version

olmogo is now launching the new version of olmogo S3. The fresh new design is noticeable the first time you open it, and working with S3 is even more fun. We have also completely redesigned the sharing dialog and made it much more intuitive - for even easier communication. A new mogo info provides you with a full overview of owners and other authorized persons with the option of making or undoing data shares directly. The feedback from the users is enthusiastic - take a look for yourself.

10. Februar 2020
The mogo Box is coming

olmogo is working hard on the mogo Box - a browser-based platform for recipients who do not have an olmogo S3 or are not yet an olmogo user. We will release the mogo box soon - be curious. This makes olmogo even wider and more flexible to use.

1. Februar 2020
olmogo in the GAIA-X Taskforce


Data ownership is an important issue in European cloud sovereignty. olmogo was invited to contribute his expertise and to work in the GAIA-X task force. We are very happy about the trust you have placed in us.

The Founders

Dr. Aly Sabri



Aly studied medicine at Oxford and Harvard and founded his first medical software company, built it to market leader, and sold his stake in GE Medical. He sees data ownership as a key enabler of digitization. This is why olmogo.

Mathias Wasserthal


Mathias is a graduate computer scientist and an early adopter of new technologies. He has held leading positions in large software companies. Fascinated by the idea of ​​developing a European solution for data ownership, he is at olmogo and leads the software development.

Heiner Hempel



Heiner has a degree in computer science and started his first business at 18. He firmly believes that security and control are essential factors in digitization. This is the motivation to create perfect programs for our users. Heiner heads product development.

In safe company

We are proud of our technology and proud to be a member of a competent professional network.

olmogo in kurz

olmogo offers 100% protection of your data and GDPR compliance. Use mogoMail or olmogo S3 as an app on your device, or olmogo M3 as a backend API for your software development or as SaaS for:

Storage in the cloud or on premise

Communication with chat, mail or for sharing large amounts of data

Video telephony and conference

mogoBox as a digital mailbox for receiving and sending without installation

olmogo - because you should only trust yourself with your data!


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